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Selasa, 29 Jun 2010

Fujifilm Finepix A303 Digital Camera

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"Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

Three years ago I purchased my first digital camera. At that time, rates for a 3.0 and higher mega pixel camera were close to $350. Since then, as with all electronic gadgets, prices have dropped significantly while the mega pixels have gone up. I chose the Fujifilm's A303 digital camera, which has fared well for me, so permit me the opportunity to tell you why.

I desperately needed a digital camera when my web business took off. On many diverse occasions I found myself wanting to consider a image of a individual, place or thing and having to rely on a 35mm camera. Trouble was I wasn't really beneficial at taking graphics. Normally my subject came out blurry or the photo essential cropping. Yes, getting pictures developed on disk would have resolved the latter dilemma, but it was the former dilemma -- blurry photos -- that was causing me the most grief. If only I could see "on the spot" how my photo turned out. If it turned out poorly, I could reshoot. Naturally, a digital camera presented to me something that no 35mm camera could offer; I made the buy of a 3.2 mega pixel camera by Fujifilm after considerable shopping all-around and reading product reviews online.

Packed within a tough grey shell, the A303 is lightweight and can fit extremely easily into your pant pockets. The camera's controls are simple to figure out and include a Menu/OK button, Back button, viewfinder, viewfinder lamp, a display buttion and LCD monitor to preview graphics without looking through the viewfinder or to review pics already taken. A round dial within the back of the camera features a self timer mode where it is possible to set the camera and ten seconds later have the image go off. Wonderful for when you desire to get the entire family's photo and no one is all-around to take it. You will discover also close up modes, still image, playback and movie modes. The movie mode results in a fairly choppy and short film, but it can be a neat feature to have nevertheless.

The standard camera comes equipped with a 16mb photo card. Most men and women will find that inadequate, so I paid a little bit extra and bought the 64mb upgrade. I also bought rechargeable AA batteries -- it takes two -- and a recharger. You can sap your batteries swiftly in case you take 30-40 or more pictures at a time, so the recharger makes sense. I bought the accompanying Fujifilm carrying case to house my other supplies.

Pics come out clear and in two years of image taking I have not experienced a single difficulty using the camera. At 3.2 mega pixels the graphics are more than adequate as virtually everything I do gets posted to the web. Supposedly you don't will need more mega pixels when posting/viewing graphics on the web. Using the included USB cable and HP software, you will probably be uploading photos to the web in no time.

If you can find any drawbacks using the A303 there is just one and it can be a glaring issue: the time between shots can seem endless! I suppose the elapsed time is only about ten seconds, but it seems like an eternity specifically compared to 35mm cameras. Technological improvements have closed the gap considerably with newer models, but in the event you require this camera to consider a group of shots speedily you will probably be disappointed.

All in all, the A303 can be a incredibly beneficial camera. I give it a 4-star rating for ease of use, price, and dependability.

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